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Why is my apple tv screen zoomed in – none: –

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Hi, all. I’m helping a friend with Zoom. She has not signed up for a free account yet. I why is my apple tv screen zoomed in – none: her my meeting link and when she goes to the link, she’s taken to a screen that offers four pages as reported by VoiceOver including the sign-in or sign-up screen.

None of these can be activated by zcreen double-tap with VoiceOver. Neither can we activate the Settings button. We are not prompted with any permissions requests for the microphone or camera. We’re just stuck in a holding pattern and she cannot go to my Appke meeting.

Any ideas why this is happening? However, this did not work for her. We have deleted the app, re-installed, etc.

She has sufficient wi-fi and cell signal. Any what is the internet speed required for zoom would be appreciated. One should not have to create a new account to go to a zoom meeting. Thanks much. Submitted by Chris on Thursday, September 24, Подробнее на этой странице Log in or register to post comments. More Like This possible bug with appstore sign-in Forum Topic. VoiceOver reading content with different English accents, other than my default voice.

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Why is my apple tv screen zoomed in – none: –

We have deleted the app, re-installed, etc. English, spanish, french and italian are the supported languages. Setup Setup was a pretty simple process. On your Mac, click in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Resolution is correctly setup in the Apple TV settings. No problem, Magnifier new in iOS 10 to the rescue. Especially when entering complicated passwords, doing it on an external keyboaard is much faster and easier.


– Zoomed or cropped video


The following explantion, and scenario, is the reason for asking these two questions. My laptop can run zwift, although, the graphics are horrible, and, the rides are choppy. I am, thinking about purchasing, the Apple 4K TV for zwift only, because of the former.

Here are my questions. Does Zwift run procedurely or pre-process at 4k resolution? To put it another way, what resolution does Zwift broadcast? Resolution is correctly setup in the Apple TV settings. Everything displays correctly in all apps except in Zwift, where information is cut off from the top of the screen. None of these can be activated by a double-tap with VoiceOver. Neither can we activate the Settings button.

We are not prompted with any permissions requests for the microphone or camera. We’re just stuck in a holding pattern and she cannot go to my Zoom meeting. Any ideas why this is happening? The future of innovation and technology in government for the greater good. Fast Company’s annual ranking of businesses that are making an outsize impact. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine–even an entirely new economic system.

This does require a bit of hardware that you might not have already, but now that video calling has become an accepted way to chat from afar, the extra pieces might be a worthy investment. Here are seven different ways you can get set up for video chat on the television:.

You can then start a new meeting, enter a meeting ID, or join upcoming meetings from your calendar. Once you complete the login process, which requires you to enter a code on another device as per quick tip 2 above, you will see your subscriptions, watch history and the like.

As with YouTube, you will need to log in on a different device and enter a code in order to save talks that you want to watch later. Coursera: This app provides access to the videos that make up most of the content for courses offered on the Coursera platform. You are not able to display the PDF documents and other resources. For most of these courses, you can watch for free or choose to get credit by paying a fee. Storehouse: This is one of my favorite story telling apps on iOS, but the Apple TV version is quite limited in my opinion.

It only allows you to show the photos you have added to a story, not the quotes or captions. Even so, students can use it to create short five-frame stories that use imagery to convery a message or tell a story in a different way.

Montessory Spelling: As the name implies, this app allows young leanrers to practice their spelling. After being shown a photo that represents the word and hearing it spoken aloud, the learner sees blank lines representing the number of letters needed.

Using the Apple TV remote, the learner then selects the letters in the correct order to get auditory feedback the word is repeated and stars are shown on the screen. The Settings include options for selecting the level of difficulty, the letter placement right space or next space and the keyboard capital letters, script or cursive.

English, spanish, french and italian are the supported languages. Not a complicated or highly interactive app, but then again few of the learning apps I have seen so far on the new Apple TV are. The one thing I like is the display of photos from Flickr with each definition. That can definitely help some learners who prefer or need visuals for understanding. There is a word of the day feature, but each time I tried it I got booted to the Home Screen.

Unfortunately, the text is very small even on a reaonsably sized TV, and there are no options to increase it within the app. MyTalk Tools: For those of you who work with students with communication difficulties or parents of kids who have such difficulties there is at least one Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC app on the Apple TV app store.

Maybe it will allow for quick communication while a child is watching a program or interacting with an app on the Apple TV by double-tapping the Home button to switch back and forth between the AAC app and the other content or app.

It is on the iOS device that you will configure the communication boards available on the Apple TV after syncing through a MyTalk account. For each cell in the communication board, you can record your own voice and change the photo to either one you have saved to the Camera Roll or one you take with the camera of your iOS device.

It looks like the free version will only allow you to replace existing cells, not create new ones. It plays soothing sounds from ocean waves, to forest sounds, to rain drops and more. Since the app will continue playing in the background even after you exit it, you can combine it with the amazing screen savers Apple has provided for the ultimate chill out experience. The new Siri remote. In Summary Nicely rounds out the support for accessibility across the Apple ecosystem by expanding on the support for VoiceOver in the previous model, adding Zoom and providing many of the same options for customizing the interface that are available on other Apple devices.

Major accessibility features such as VoiceOver and Zoom are responsive and perform well, with little lag. The interface is cleaner and works better across the room: for example, it is now much easier for me to tell when an item has focus, something I struggle with on my third-generation Apple TV especially on my smaller TV. Other than the new Siri remote there are no other options for controlling the new Apple TV, which does have an impact on accessibility for some users.

I hope this situation is addressed soon through a software update. In addition to the Accessibility Shortcut, the new Interface section of the Acccessibiliy pane includes a number of options for cusotmizing the appearance of the display similar to options already found on iOS and Apple Watch , including: Bold Text: a simple toggle that provides more weight to the text labels.

Enabling this feature will require a quick restart just as it does on other Apple devices. Increase Contrast: there are two options. The first reduces the transparency, while the second one changes the focus style by adding a thick outline around the currently selected item.

Reduce Motion: another toggle that removes animations throughout the interface for those who are sensitive to the extra motion. VoiceOver and Zoom These two features in the Vision section of the Accessibility pane are the biggest changes to the accessiiblity of the Apple TV in the new model. While you are zoomed in, you can interact with Zoom in a variety of ways: drag one finger over the touchpad to pan in any direction.

As you pan, an overlay will let you give you an idea of what area of the interface you are zoomed in on very similar to the indicator you get with Apple Watch when you use the Digital Crown to zoom by row. At that point, you will be able to use the usual flicking gestures to move from one item to the next without panning, but you can resume panning at any time with a second two-finger tap on the touchpad.

The maximum amount you can zoom will be determined by the value selected in Settings. VoiceOver supports the following gestures on the new Apple TV remote all gestures are performed on the touchpad area of the new remote : Move your finger around on the touchpad: move the focus to have VoiceOver speak the currently selected item aloud. Flick in any direction with one finger: move the focus in a given direction. Click on the touchpad: make a selection.

Flick down with two fingers: read from the current location to the bottom. Flick up with two fingers: start reading from the top of the screen. First Impressions Overall, I like the new Apple TV from my limited exposure to it in the few hours since it arrived at my home. As good as the accessibility features and performance of this new version are, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed: No Podcasts app: The company that basically brought us the podcast has launched a set top box without a dedicated podcast app and as I write this, there are no Apple TV versions of Downcast or Overcast in the App Store.

Aside from renting movies, podcasts are the next thing i consume the most on Apple TV. I can set them to play in the background while I do other things around the house, and I have a number of favorites I listen to on a regular basis. This means that someone with a motor difficulty is not able to use Switch Control on an iOS device to navigate the Apple TV interface through the Remote app. While the built in accessibility features of the new Apple TV do an excellent job of accommodating the needs of those with vision and hearing difficulties, it is important to address this omission to make sure switch users can enjoy the Apple TV along with the rest of us.

No support for external Bluetooth keyboards: Probably my biggest annoyance was having to go back to typing in user names and passwords with the onscreen keyboard.

I have always used either the Remote app for iOS or an external keyboard connected over Bluetooth for this purpose, but both options are not possible at launch. Especially when entering complicated passwords, doing it on an external keyboaard is much faster and easier. The remote: I generally like the new remote. It is lightweight and feels good in the hand. You can adjust the speaking rate of VoiceOver, or set it to use a pitch change to indicate when you are navigating within the same screen or moving away to a different screen.

Closed Captions: as on iOS and OS X, the captions can even be customized with either preset styles or by creating your won custom styles. You can customize the text font, color, text size , background color and opacity and even add special text styles such as highlighting or a drop shadow. Follow Following.


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