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Why are my pcr test results taking so long to come back.A PCR Tester Has Lifted The Lid On Why You’re Waiting Ages For A COVID Test Result

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COVID Coronavirus: Testing for COVID.

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NHS Coronavirus information. Information from gov. Mumsnet hasn’t checked the qualifications of anyone posting here.

If you have health concerns, please seek medical attention. Related: Lockdown Learning , discuss home schooling during lockdown. My Dh had a pcr test yesterday morning and we are still waiting for results. I know it can take up to 3 days but every test we’ve done we’ve had results back by morning and luckily all been negative. The fact this one is taking so long I’m stressing it’s gonna be positive! I would imagine it’s because there has been a big increase in cases so more people are being tested, I don’t think it’s anything to do with the test results.

Fingers crossed it’s negative. Try not to worry. My DH had one last Friday lunchtime and didn’t get the results till Saturday at 6pm. It was negative. Think they’re just very busy. We thought the same though! When my step brother’s family tested they got the first positive result on the Tues, then two negatives a couple of days later then two more positives at the weekend. Thankyou everyone. His result has just come through and negative. Hope everyone who tested positive is feeling ok.

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Why are my pcr test results taking so long to come back.How long do PCR Covid test results take?

If you do not receive your result after 48 hours and you had your test at a WA Department of Health COVID clinic or a regional hospital, you can: Check your My. When will I receive my PCR test result? If you have not received your result after 48 hours, call the Results Hotline on (Monday to Sunday 8am-. You should get the results by email and text within 2 days of returning the kit. However, due to the volume of tests, it may take longer. If you.


Why does it still take so long to get a COVID PCR test result? – CBS News


A pathology worker has spilled the beans on why PCR test results are taking ages to arrive and the prognosis is not good, let me tell ya. It boils down to: too many people are getting tested. Reddit user Scematix said in their post that over the past two years pathologies developed a batching test method, which allowed them to speed up the process. Further comments clarified lab workers would batch up to 10 tests at a time.

OK well surely we could just up the capacity at the testing centres and labs, right? Verifying a positive result is also a time-consuming task that only experienced people can do. On top of that, they said there was also an equipment shortage in Australia at the moment.

Not good! Finally, one of the most prominent villains of our age rears its ugly, stupid head: capitalism. All this has had a knock on effect on hospital operations too. Delays in testing have meant people presenting to emergency departments have to wait longer to get help. Well then. Oh wait. We did. But instead of doing that, we focused on increasing police powers and throwing up hard borders, in the hope that this would never happen.

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