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If only the Open option is available, it means that recording has been saved in the cloud on your Zoom account. In this case, clicking Open will not bring up the folder on your computer containing the recording files.

That covers how to download a Zoom recording that you were the host for or at least find it. However, whoever hosted the meeting has to do a bit of work first. Then they have to share the URL and other relevant information for the recording. Image credit: Zoom Help Center. Below that are the sharing settings for the recording. You can also choose whether or not to set a date where the sharing link expires, if you only want to share the recording for a limited amount of time.

But how do you download one yourself once it has been shared? Say that someone shares a link to a Zoom recording with you and has allowed viewers to download it.

Now, how do you go about making a copy for yourself? Being able to record and download copies of Zoom meetings are just two of the many great features Zoom has.

Check them out! What is covered in this article Prerequisites for accessing and downloading Zoom recordings How to find and download your own Zoom recordings How to change cloud admin settings so others can access your Zoom recordings How to download a shared Zoom recording. Thankfully, it is a fairly simple process that does not require any other programs.

This article will show you how to convert Zoom recordings to mp4 files, in fact, we describe 3 methods you can use. But to record a meeting, you have to be the host or be given permission to do it. Zoom automatically converts the raw video to an mp4 file at the end of a meeting. But if the process is interrupted the video will be saved as a.

Looking to upgrade your video? We recommend these webcams. You will first have to create the recording by going into the Zoom meeting and clicking on Record. Zoom allows you to choose whether you want to store the recordings on your computer or the cloud.

Both options have some benefits and drawbacks. If you want to store it on your computer, you want to convert the files into mp4 because they take up little space without losing quality. If you choose to go with cloud storage, you will need a Kaltura account to store the files. You can easily find your Zoom recordings by going to the Documents folder on your computer and opening the Zoom folder. The local Zoom folders have the date, time, and meeting name, which is pretty useful if you want to organize all your videos.

Hint: You should make a back up of all your recordings. The recordings have both the video file and the chat log in text form.

Converting a raw Zoom recording is not difficult. This happens when a meeting gets interrupted or ended abruptly without giving Zoom time to convert the raw file to mp4. The automatic process is great and convenient most of the time. Step 3: Find the recording you wish to convert to mp4. This makes Zoom a very convenient program for teachers because they have evidence of attendance and how the class went. If you are having problems with Zoom, it may be because it has not been updated.

Programs require regular updates because of compatibility issues and to make sure that everything works as intended.

Here is a second way to convert the recording to an mp4 video:. Another possible way to convert it involves a slightly more complex method. This is pretty much all there is to it. Zoom has made it very simple and very convenient to convert the recordings to mp4. In case you are still experiencing problems with converting the mp4 file, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow. Looking to upgrade your audio?

We recommend these USB microphones. The error code for this is [Error Code ] in the Zoom program. This happens when the disk where Zoom stores recordings is full. You can easily fix all your storage problems by either buying more space or deleting unnecessary files. If you use Zoom regularly, you probably want to get a cheaper, slower hard disk that you can use only for Zoom recordings.

If you already have another hard disk, you can change the destination folder by following these steps:. Avoid third-party programs and apps because they often make your computer slower.

Here is a step-by-step:. Another very common issue is the invalid working path or folder issue. You just have to change the destination path to a valid folder in the Zoom application. You can find the steps to do it above. There are a few more reasons why Zoom stops converting the raw file to mp4. Conversely, if you change the file name back into its original state, it can restore the file.

Another issue that is similar to this one is when you turn off or close your laptop while Zoom is still converting the file, it can result in a corrupted file. These errors are most often caused by the mismatch of the program and your computer.


[] Quickly and Easily Convert Zoom Recording to MP4.

When you click a video recording on the My Recordings page, the playback video launches in a new browser tab, which includes controls for Download and Share. In the Upload Videos window click Select to find your video file .mp4) or drag your video file into this window. Click the Copy button on the.


How to download zoom recording as mp4. How to Easily Download Zoom Video Recording Offline to MP4?


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Consulting and Research. Creating a Zoom Meeting. Managing a Zoom Meeting. Using Zoom Breakout Rooms. Instructions for adding cameras in LCB videoconferencing-equipped classrooms to a Zoom online meeting recording.

Login Alumni News Directory Events. Executive Executive MBA. PhD Program Areas of Study. Toggle navigation. Upload to YouTube Log into your Stony Brook email account Click on the 9 squares in the upper right corner to open up the list of connected Google Apps Scroll down to the Youtube icon and click on it Click on the Camera icon in the upper right corner and then click Upload Video In the Upload Videos window click Select to find your video file.

Click the Copy button on the right to copy the link to your video paste it somewhere for safe keeping. On this page: As it uploads you can configure your settings for the video.

Title – Briefly describe your video. You can add dates here to help you sort them later Description – Tell your viewers more about your video Thumbnail – If you are uploading a large file this may not become immediately available you can skip this step Playlists – You can add your video to playlists if you want to share your content out Audience – Is this video made for kids?

Content that is made for children is protected and must meet certain standards. Click Next in the lower right corner. You can add automated subtitles and decide if the visibility should be Private, Unlisted or Public or do it later see the last step. When finished click Save. Close the next window if your video is still processing.

This could take a while for your content to become live and it will process in the background.


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After the Zoom video recording is done, you can go to your Email that you typed when you started the recording to access your Zoom video. To view a recording on your computer: · Navigate to your computer’s Documents folder. · In Documents, open the Zoom folder. · Find the recording you’d like to view. and select Download (3 files) (3) (number of files may vary). Figure 2-Zoom Portal-Recording Tab-Cloud Recordings Tab. • Note: The download process will be.

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