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Is zoominfo a good investment – is zoominfo a good investment:.ZoomInfo Insiders Sell Stock; Should Investors Follow?

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Is ZoomInfo (ZI) A Great Long-Term Investment?.

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Is zoominfo a good investment – is zoominfo a good investment:.ZI stock forecast: What is ZoomInfo doing?

Do ZoomInfo’s growth rates look astounding? Is there a new executive in the role? The power of this moat comes from the fact that not every company wants to make all of the investments in people and technology necessary for cleaning the massive amount of data in real-time in order to compete with ZoomInfo.


Is zoominfo a good investment – is zoominfo a good investment:. Is ZoomInfo (ZI) A Great Long-Term Investment?


Bloomberg — From Seattle to Silicon Valley to Austin, a grim new reality is setting in across the tech landscape: a heady, decades-long era of rapid sales gains, boundless jobs growth and ever-soaring stock prices is coming to an end. Dow Futures 33, Nasdaq Futures 12, Russell Futures 1, Crude Oil Gold 1, Silver Vix CMC Crypto FTSE 7, Nikkei 27, Read full article. More content below. Alex Smith. In this article:.

Story continues. Recommended Stories. Motley Fool. Investor’s Business Daily. It records calls and helps sales teams learn how to get better results through coaching. With both deals ZoomInfo is staying true to its core — helping supercharge sales. Like many cloud-based companies serving the needs of businesses, ZoomInfo has put up some incredible growth numbers.

And it is maintaining the pace. The company posted second-quarter results in early August. It’s also obvious the company is scaling. It means as the company is growing it’s not having to spend as much money per dollar of revenue generated.

And there is a lot more revenue to gain. It’s an incredible repository and it is only scratching the surface. As ZoomInfo adds companies and data to its platform, the sales signals it is providing get better and better. That makes the product even more powerful. It’s a network effect that isn’t obvious at first. It may be about to take that to a whole other level.

In May, the company announced it would join Snowflake ‘s data marketplace. Customers will now be able to use Snowflake’s platform to integrate the sales intelligence ZoomInfo offers.

There is one more reason I bought shares in ZoomInfo. While the company is growing fast, has high demand for its product, and is already generating an operating profit, it wasn’t until it passed the final test that I purchased shares. It has to do with leadership. ZoomInfo originally started out as a “company and contact data provider” for making B2B sales using a SaaS business model. The information ZoomInfo provides is often very hard to come by and is extraordinarily valuable for sales people.

ZoomInfo uses a strategy of making roll-up acquisitions to acquire specific products and technologies that the company plugs into its existing data and machine learning platform to extend its capabilities. After ZoomInfo came public in , the company has evolved by making 5 different acquisitions to become a much broader B2B data company than its original business of simply being a company and contact data provider.

ZoomInfo was originally founded and operated as DiscoverOrg until February , when it acquired its competitor Zoom Information and rebranded the company as ZoomInfo. In June , ZoomInfo became a publicly traded company and made two different acquisitions before the end of the year and three acquisitions in ZoomInfo acquired Clickagy in October The company is a provider of artificial intelligence-powered buyer intent data. ZoomInfo used the technology to create a product that they call Streaming Intent , which tells ZoomInfo’s users when prospects or customers are researching their company in real-time.

Streaming Intent is often used by companies as a sign to start creating a go-to-market campaign for the company that is showing interest. The next acquisition was EverString , a leading artificial intelligence-powered, business-to-business B2B data solutions provider that essentially enriches old data by building a business data graph that companies can use to identify all of their customers and prospects, define their ideal customer profiles, leverage granular keywords and attributes to predict success.

This was a strong acquisition because at the time of the acquisition, EverString had million company records and 70 million professional profiles to be added to ZoomInfo’s data assets of 15 million company records and million professional profiles. In June , ZoomInfo next acquired Insent , which is a conversational marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence and advanced lead routing rules to identify and to initiate real-time chat with website visitors to help increase conversions.

In July , ZoomInfo acquired Chorus. Chorus enables revenue teams to listen to previous prospect and customer conversations, gain insights, win business, and repeat these actions across all of their deals. Last but not least, In September , ZoomInfo acquired RingLead , a comprehensive data quality management tool that helps companies manage incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent customer data that is siloed in disconnected systems.

RingLead essentially helps to compile and organize siloed data, find inconsistencies like duplicates, empty fields, inconsistent formatting, unassignable records and verify it all in real-time to enable automated and accurate lead routing.

As all of the above acquisitions show, ZoomInfo is not satisfied with simply being a company and contact data provider but is very, very early in the process of transforming into a true end-to-end go-to-market platform. The end goal is to succeed in entering new markets or gaining a new customer.

ZoomInfo essentially wants to become the tactical end-to-end operating system for go-to-market teams. We continue to execute across all areas of the business as we build a category defining company by delivering end-to-end success for go-to-market teams worldwide. ZoomInfo management’s idea of expanding beyond simply being a contact data provider is somewhat analogous to Amazon moving from only being a first party seller marketplace of books to being a first party seller marketplace of many other products to later becoming a third-party seller marketplace.

It is an expansion of Amazon’s original business focus into new businesses that produced additional revenue streams. That is an example of optionality. I define optionality as the ability of a company to find new opportunities that open up new business ventures that lead to additional revenue streams. ZoomInfo has a lot of data that was initially only used for being a company and contact data provider but is now being used to build a go-to-market platform that contains products that expands beyond the original business of being simply a contact provider.

ZoomInfo Recent Platform Highlights. In general, the most successful SaaS companies run platforms that have a ” Land and Expand ” business model with the aim to build customer retention and long-term customer value. Snap Inc. Elon Musk is almost everywhere. When it’s not news about one of his multiple companies — Tesla , SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink — he posts about politics, geopolitical affairs, or engages with his millions of followers on a variety of topics, ranging from his states of mind to metaphysical questions such as happiness.

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