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How To Use Zoom Backgrounds Effectively: 7 Best Practices | Mention.

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Zoom background images home office – none:.The Top Home Office Virtual Background Ideas When Using Zoom

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Zoom background images home office – none:.50 Free Zoom Video Backgrounds To Look Professional On Calls


This website is supported by its readers. If you click one of my links I may earn a commission. I am also a participant in the Amazon affiliates programme and I will also earn a commission from qualified purchases. Whilst seen as novelty at first, they can be a fun way of keeping things exciting and connecting to the person on zoom.

The best background to use on a zoom call would be to upload an image of a home office. So what are some great home office backgrounds for zoom? Should you ever use novelty backgrounds? Keep reading to find out my recommendation on the top 40 zoom backgrounds. I personally found the following home office background images are the best ones to use when on a zoom call. All of these were found on Royalty free website Dreamstime which has affordable plans you can find more out about here.

I personally like this background a lot. Whilst a lot of us work from cramped spaces this image has a minimalist design that can lead the other person on your call to feel a little more open and relaxed. You can get it from: Dreamstime.

Yellow as a color is great at making people feel energized and active, and can be a great zoom background image to use if your role requires you to be active. This is another one of my favorites, especially as a way of introducing the company before you go into your chat.

This background also looks like an office someone actually owns so kudos to this designer. Just be careful with any meetings that might have people who are sensitive to fur as the fur carpet may throw them off. For anyone interested in the colors of their home office and the difference that can mean to things like productivity you can check out my blog post here.

Not everyone works from an office when rocking remotely and neither should you. If you want to change things up use the lounge office background as a nice way to represent who you are. Word to the wise however, be sure to avoid wearing white as it could cause you to blend into the background on this image. This office I think would suit the likes of teachers, lecturers and anyone who passes on knowledge for a living.

Not only does it have a bunch of greenery which has been scientifically linked to a better work environment it is also incredibly clean and easy on thees and so makes for a great background to use.

This can be a great background to use on a video call if you use it in front of the right person. Just be careful who you use it in front of. If you just want an empty clean background to work from then this is definitely the choice for you , simple lines, plenty of light, what more could you want! This is a great option if you want to show off a little of your personality in your home office.

Whilst this home office zoom background has a little bit too much grey for my liking, if you want to blend into the backgrounds of your meetings then this could be a great option for the background. Blue in an office can make you more productive and so what better way to implement this then with a zoom background.

For any of you who are artistically included look no further then the painting office. This is a great option if you want to highlight your creative side without showing off your work directly. What better way to get some greenery on your zoom call then with the garden office background on your zoom calls. Consider using this background for any zoom meeting that you may need to have where you really focus in on busy work, for example if you are using a zoom meeting to do admin work together.

You can get it from Dreamstime. If you want to give off a classical yet experienced look even if your office in reality looks like a cupboard under the stairs consider the mahogany office. The shelved open office is a fantastic option for a zoom background,, position yourself towards the left of the image and let the shelving and doorway frame your body. Finally, if you are interested in a minimalistic look but want everyone to marvel at how open your office is, consider using the minimalist chair office which definitely helps give a nice professional breeze.

This office is great as it can highlight both your work and home lives nicely. Home office backgrounds are easily the best background to opt for if you would like to be seen in a professional manor.

The idea is to not be distracting in your meetings, however if you do not want to use home office as a background in zoom the following are what I would recommend.

Human beings love to be out in nature and what better way to do this than changing up your zoom background to be something a lot more scenic. Certain colors in backgrounds such as watching the sunrise or looking into a rainforest can actually have a direct link to modd.

Why not change things up by opting to go for a picturesque star background. Sharp blacks can sometimes be affected by this so ensure you test this one out. Sunrises are one of the more common backgrounds you are likely to see on zoom backgrounds so why not do something different and opt for a purple sunrise. Not only are the sharp colors easy on the eyes, purple is known to be a color of productivity so you will get a lot more done on your zoom meeting.

Why not take this up a notch by opting for something that has been purpose built for zoom meetings. Another one of my favorite zoom backgrounds has to be this stars and mountains peace. The colors are distorted and definitely give me a feeling of calmness.

Why not get close to nature by opting to go with a rainforest background. The ocean calms us down on a good day so why not make it even better by choosing to go with an ocean background. For any wannabe pioneers out these consider looking at the mountains and forest background.

I think this is a great idea for geography teachers or anyone who is typically outdoorsy who is now forced to work from home. If your vacation is around the corner and you want to blunt your craving for a beach trip consider using the bright beach background as a way of staying focused.

Sand dunes have no real strong lines and so make for a great zoom background. Especially if you are wearing darker colors to help you stand out from this background. Another great zoom background as an alternative to home offices is bringing the outside in with the leafy green background. It might not be dense but is a great neutral background to pin yourself against. Another terrific background to project yourself against would be the light ray through forest zoom background.

One of the reasons this background works so well for zoom is because it is both striking and can very easily sink into the background. Just looking at it gives me a sense of the great outdoors. Another great flowerfield that can be great for therapeutic purposes.

Who needs to travel when you have zoom backgrounds? Consider using the giza background as a natural background to appear on that everyone will recognize.

No one can go wrong with this zoom background. If you work for a particularly patriotic company, why not use a background flag as a way of enge those on your zoom call further. Why not change things up with a lightspeed background to make you zoom meetings ahem … out of this world! So hopefully this post has given you a fair bit of insight into my recommendation for zoom backgrounds, both home office and novelty alike. People who work from home often use zoom backgrounds on zoom video calls in order to improve upon their existing backgrounds.

When working from home people can have messy offices or little room to work from so want to appear professional when working from home. If selected properly, home office zoom backgrounds can do this.

Zoom backgrounds are incredibly popular with almost one in every 5 zoom users at my place of work using these on a regular basis. If you were to extrapolate this out zooms million meetings per month to around 60 million users who use zoom backgrounds every month. Zoom only has a limited number of free stock images you can use in your background. Instead opt for either using your own images, or use royalty free image providers like pixabay, getty image or dreamstime to purchase your background images from.

The most professional zoom backgrounds would be a home office. This allows you to give the impression as though you are in a strict working environment regardless of your location. If you are unable to use a home office background. Consider option for a nature or natural color background. Zoom background work on Linux, mac windows and ios devices. Certain devices such as chromebooks will allow you to participate in zoom meetings but not allow you to amend your zoom background.

Avoid a zoom background for any meetings with senior managers or leadership teams or very important meetings of organisations that you are trying to do business with. Your should access it if you should use a zoom background before every meeting. Certain people will not take kindly to you using background so you should anticipate this in advance.

To do this, make a list of your interaction with the person and gauge if they are positive, negative or natural to the idea of you having a zoom background. A great alternative to Zoom backgrounds would be to invest in led lighting which can change the colour of your background whilst feeling more natural as it is in camera.

My recommendations for all my lighting can be found on my r ecommended products page here. Google hangouts has a great array of backgrounds you can use, including images you can upload yourself.

Directly, they also have more images to use then zoom has to offer. Dreamstime, Getty images, Canva and Shorpixel all have millions of royalty free images you can use for your zoom backgrounds, all at an affordable rate. To get the best results you want to make sure your background is bright and evenly lit. Using an external HD camera will be more beneficial than the built in camera on your laptop. So hopefully this blog post has helped give you some insight into the best home office backgrounds for zoom calls.

You can find out my recommendations here and learn how I make money whilst working remotely on the side here. The content on this on this site has been written by Fehed Nicass who has over a decades worth of experience in sales and has worked remotely for the past 2 years. Metal file cabinets – probably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can invest in for your home office. Recently however one of my neighbors has developed a bit of a mouse problem So a few months back, I decided to invest in a file cabinet as a way of storing all my paper and electronics for my home office.

Recently however one of my neighbors has developed a bit


Zoom background images home office – none: –


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