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How to share zoom recording link on whatsapp.How To Share Recorded Zoom Meetings Securely

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This makes it easy to access, play, or download your recordings from any device, as well as share them with students in Canvas easily by just posting the link. Saving your recordings to your computer allows you to immediately have the.

However, to share your meeting with students, you will then have to go through the extra step of uploading the video file to YouTube or a third-party storage system like Google Drive or Kaltura, then sharing the link with your students in Canvas.

Alternatively, you can set your Zoom meetings to automatically start recording when you start the meetings so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn on the recording feature. Where your meeting recordings are saved depends on the choice you made when you started your recording. You can also find, play, and download these video files through the Zoom desktop app:. If you chose to save your recording to the Zoom Cloud, you can access your recordings through the desktop app, as described for local recordings above.

Alternatively, you can also access cloud recordings through Canvas:. You will also get an email from Zoom letting you know when your recording is available in the cloud. This email will contain a link that takes you directly to the recording in the Zoom cloud within your Zoom account page, as well as a link and password that you can use to share the recording with others. The easiest way to share recordings with your students is by saving the recordings to the Zoom Cloud and sharing the links anywhere in your Canvas course site , such as in an Announcement or on a Page.

The answers differ depending on whether you are sharing a Local Recording or a Cloud Recording. Free Zoom accounts will only have the ability to record to a local computer, while paid Zoom subscriptions will have cloud recording automatically enabled. We walk you through both ways to share Zoom meeting recordings below — and then show you another solution for sharing Zoom recordings that automates many of the steps required for sharing videos, making it easier for everyone at your organization to share important information efficiently simply by clicking record at the start of a Zoom meeting.

This is what your workflow looks like:. Though these workflows start to eat up a lot of productive time as they are done more frequently, or as they happen more often across an entire organization. With many more teams now working fully remotely and people also working around other pandemic-related disruptions at home, even more meetings are being recorded and shared to support the continuity of work in this new environment.

Recording the meeting is the easy part! Finding and extracting the information inside past recordings, as well as sharing recordings, is still exceedingly difficult. All of the time and resources expended on these tasks can easily offset any potential business gains from simply having an exact record of the meeting. But meeting recordings need to be easy to find, easy to share, easy to watch, and easy to search so that people within your organization can access the information archived inside as efficiently as possible.

And its search features only allow you to search within your personal library of meeting recordings. All of that sensitive business information inside your meeting recordings still has to be secured, too.

Zoom does allow you to restrict sharing only to users within your organization, but you may not want everyone to have viewing permissions enabled for some meeting recordings. While Zoom does offer private cloud hosting and password-protected sharing features to paid subscribers, administrator controls over cloud recordings are limited, which introduces enough room for user error to create a sizable security risk when it comes to sensitive meeting recording assets.

To view a recording on your computer: Navigate to your computer’s Documents folder. In Documents , open the Zoom folder. Find the recording you’d like to view and open that folder. Double-click the file, and Zoom will convert the recording and show you the conversion status. If you want to share the recording, you’ll have to save the file and share it manually.

Back up recordings Recordings on the Cloud can be backed up on your computer. Recordings on your computer can be backed up by saving the entire recording folder that Zoom created to an additional drive. Choose files or drag and drop files.



How to share zoom recording link on whatsapp


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If you do not need all three files, how to share zoom recording link on whatsapp can select the option you need by click on one single line of the options listed below the image. If you saved your recording files to your computers, we recommend uploading them join webex – join zoom meeting from webex app: a third party or cloud storage app snare as Google Drive, Kaltura, or Youtube, then embedding or sharing the link to the video with your students in your Canvas course site. Once your file is downloaded, it is stored no your computer. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can upload your MP4 recording to a video tp site like YouTube or Vimeo, or your own website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. With many more teams now working fully remotely and people also working around other pandemic-related disruptions at home, even more meetings are being recorded and shared how to share zoom recording link on whatsapp support the continuity of work in this new environment.

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