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Adding Alternative Hosts to a Zoom Meeting | Division of Information Technology.

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By hovering the name of the participant that will host more than one program and choosing More, the participants will become co-Hosts.

You can create a co-host account by clicking Make Co-Host. Upon clicking the name of the event participant and clicking Make Host, you will be assigned the co-host name before the meeting or be given the option of updating hosting privileges. If you do not have a paid account, please see the options below. While hosts enjoy privileges like many other participants, they cannot be co-hosts.

If it was you, and no one else such as your boss , I could schedule Zoom meetings so I would be the host and that room was completely under my control. Having scheduling privileges allows you to schedule meetings in Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom apps, and more with that person once that person has subscribed to your service.

Hosting privileges can be changed before a meeting, but if you do not have a paid account, you will not be able to add someone.

It is permitted by co-hosting agreements for some participants to use other co-hosting privileges, but none are allowed to participate in it. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Open Zoom. Click Meetings. Click Advanced Options.

Click Save. We are now hosting your meeting on an additional host. This is not allowed. The host has to arrange to have a co-host. Join a meeting. Go to the meeting controls and tap More.

Put your claim with the host role after tapping it. Enter your host key. Hover over a video that a user has recorded. You will find it in the ellipses icon. Click Make Co-Host. Previous post. Next post.

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» Setting up Zoom meetings for others to Host – How Do I Schedule A Zoom Meeting For Someone Else?

Host controls allow you as the host to control various aspects of a Zoom meeting, such as managing the participants. The co-host feature. There are multiple roles available for a meeting: host, co-host, alternative hosts, Hosts can assign alternative hosts when they schedule a meeting.



Therefore, you will not be able to start another concurrent meeting, since Zoom allows each account to start only one meeting at a time. Not an external or Basic account. This is the preferred option if you are frequently setting up Zoom meetings on behalf of someone else. Can an Alternative Host start Breakout Rooms? If an Alternative Host is the Host of the session, the Host of the session has access to all controls except for Polling. Comparison table of features available to the different roles in a Zoom meeting.

Adding a Co-Host. Alternative Host. Scheduling Privilege link to Zoom help page. Scheduling Privilege — Outlook Add-in pdf. Setting up Zoom meetings or classes on behalf of someone else There are different ways to set up Zoom meetings or classes on behalf of someone else or to allow someone else to manage the Zoom meeting.

Here’s how to add internal users as alternatie hosts before the meeting:. When you Add Zoom Conferencing to a Calendar invitation, by default, you are the host of the Zoom meeting and no one can enter the meeting unless you have joined unless join before host is selected.

Also you can’t leave the meeting before the others because it will end the meeting for everyone. This presents a problem for those who set up meetings for others and don’t need to attend the meeting. Your feedback is important to us, help us by logging in to rate this article and provide feedback.

The Division of Information Technology provides support on all of our services. If you require assistance please submit a support ticket through the IT Service Management system.

Toggle navigation. Here’s how to add internal users as alternatie hosts before the meeting: Create a Zoom meeting In a web browser, go to stonybrook. If you created this meeting with someone else as host, click the Myself dropdown and select the host. Find the meeting you created and hold your mouse over it; then click Edit to the right Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the email address of the internal stonybrook.

As you start typing, email addresses, you’ll see suggested email addresses below. To add more than one Alternative Host, separate their email addresses by commas or click on their email addresses from the suggestions and they become separate “cards. If the user is an affiliate in Peoplesoft or not a licensed user, you can elevate them from Participant to Co-Host during the meeting.

You cannot add them as an alternative host before the meeting takes place. If the user is indeed a licensed user but you cannot find them in the Alternative Host field, ask the user to authenticate into the Zoom Web Portal stonybrook.



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