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Persefoni, a climate management and accounting platform, needed an efficient recruitment workflow to meet their ambitious headcount target.

Unfortunately, the…. Schedule Demo. Jon Gitlin Content Strategist Workato Jon Gitlin is the managing editor of The Connector, where you can get the latest news on Workato and uncover tips and frameworks for implementing powerful integrations and automations.

In his free time, he loves to run outside, watch soccer er Not too long ago, a typical writer or a publisher followed an established procedure of meeting the interviewees, preparing a draft, submitting the same for a review, seeking approval, and then finally publishing the piece.

The entirety of this process would take a minimum of days. What seemed like a relatively long cycle is now expected to happen in an instant. Fast-forward a few months to today, the same writers swiftly get over a Zoom call, connect to their customers, and immediately submit the draft right after the call.

The piece would then get published overnight, and what used to be a long process is now compressed to less than a day. My own work keeps me on my toes, thanks to the digital movement accelerating at a rapid pace. The world is moving with an unreasonable speed, and the digital business is soaring today. One such application that has been off-the-charts with respect to its usage and availability is Zoom.

It has integrations with several other applications, which have made my work considerably easy for me. However draining long working hours can get from staying in the same place all day at home, I have found solace in the fact that several Zoom App Marketplace applications help with my productivity.

With these apps, my job becomes a little bit more smooth-sailing. Readers: What’s your favorite Zoom plug-in? I’d love to hear from you on Twitter, where I’m jeffersongraham. Facebook Twitter Email. Share your feedback to help improve our site! It removes the corresponding meeting from their Zoom account. We remove the entire Zoom connection object that we gathered above. In order for the app to be reviewed by the Zoom marketplace it needs to be accessible to them.

This way we can deal with any feedback without letting our users have access to it. Although your app can not be installed until marketplace publication has been achieved you, as the developer, can use your credentials to log in and do so.

We used our login to run through the steps of the app from authentication to deauthorisation to ensure everything was in order. Before we jump into authorising our app be aware that you need to provide some publicly available information to the user. Once we were happy the app was in good shape we went back to our Zoom Marketplace and started to work through the steps that we set up previously.

Best not to do this during the review process! You need to ensure that it points to your live, production installation as you may have been using an ngrok URL until now. So far you may be using the Development credentials. When your app gets approval you can swap them out for Production credentials within your settings. Again, you may have been using ngrok for these during development so make sure you update them in line with the other URLs which should be production based. Not only do the Zoom Marketplace review team care about what is written here but it is also an opportunity to get your connected application viewed in the marketplace.

Deauthorization Notification: This is important and needs to be a URL that fires a script on your application to disconnect the user. See the OAuth endpoints that we mentioned above for more information. We may do so in the future where we want to capture an event in our CRM such as the user removing a meeting via their Zoom interface.

Be careful with these as the Zoom integration team cares massively about them! It must be entirely and tightly based on the actions that you take.



App Marketplace.Zoom video meetings can get a boost with these 10 useful apps

Recently we hooked up our CRM product with Zoom so that users could schedule and make calls directly, and our app now has a Marketplace listing.


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